23 Nov 2022 2:00 PM  to  3:30 PM

Merchiston Campus

Coping with Perfectionism

Do you set yourself unrelentingly high standards? Do you struggle to complete certain tasks because it does not feel good enough or you worry about not doing it the 'right' way? If so, you might be struggling with perfectionism, a common challenge within academic environments. Perfectionism can prevent us from doing our work and affect all areas of our life, impacting on our wellbeing and happiness.

This 90-minute workshop will explore the psychological processes behind perfectionism and explain why it is so difficult to break these habits and patterns, as well as introducing strategies to help you feel more in control.

The workshop is partly an information-based session with some opportunity for interaction and discussion, however, verbal participation is not expected. We want you to feel comfortable and enjoy the session.

Sign up for free via My Future. For more information, please email counselling@napier.ac.uk or phone 0131 455 2459.