Coronavirus Accommodation

Coronavirus Accommodation
Our student accommodation is open and available, and will be adapted as required to keep our students safe​.​ Find out how to apply at​​​
1.0 What should students in accommodation who think they might have Covid-19 do?
1.1 I’m an international student – what support is available if I have to quarantine on arrival?
1.2 What is the procedure for collecting the keys to my flat?
1.3 Do I have to observe social distancing within my flat?
1.4 Can I have guests over or visit another flat?
1.5 I am in a relationship with someone in Student Accommodation, can I visit them?
1.6 Can I transfer to another flat?
1.7 Can I return home?
1.8 Can I return home for a short visit or stay?
1.9 Can I return home while self-isolating?
2.0 Can I return home for Christmas?
2.1 Can I return home on a permanent basis?
2.2 What is the Covid-19 Community Agreement?