Coronavirus Accommodation

Coronavirus Accommodation
Our student accommodation is open and available, and will be adapted as required to keep our students safe​.​ Find out how to apply at​
1.0 What should students in accommodation who think they might have COVID-19 do?
1.1 Who should I contact within the University if I have any further questions about COVID-19?
1.2 What will happen to my possessions if I have left accommodation to return home?
1.3 Can I get a refund on my accommodation fees?
1.4 Is Bainfield Common Room still open?
1.5 I am cancelling my Tenancy Agreement, what do I do about my rent?
1.6 What happens if I cancel my Tenancy Agreement but am unable to remove all of my personal belongings from the flat prior to Friday 27 April?
1.7 Am I able to secure accommodation beyond Friday 5 June?
1.8 I still have my key fob, what should I do with it?
1.9 Why am I being charged a 28-day notice period?
2.0 What would happen if I chose not to pay my rent?
2.1 Can I still stay within my accommodation within the 28-day notice period?
2.2 I am a Nursing student, does ending the Tenancy Agreement also apply to me?
2.3 I have paid my whole year of rent in full, will I be reimbursed?
2.4 Will the £50 cancellation fee for ending a Tenancy still apply?
2.5 I paid £500 up front when I took out my lease, will I get this back?
2.6 Will I be able to collect my personal items from the flat if someone is currently self-isolating?
2.7 I have returned my key fob, how do I now get access to the flat?