Industrial Action

A series of national strike days are due to take place in universities across the UK and will begin later this week. Our university is involved in the industrial dispute and your lecturers and tutors may take part in strike action.

National strike days 

We hope that staff who decide to take part in this action will do so in ways that do not disrupt your classes, but as there is no legal requirement for them to inform us if they are going to take part, we will not know if they are going to until the day of each national strike day. This means that it is possible that some of your classes may be cancelled without notice on these days. 

The University will remain open and we expect our students to attend classes and take part in university activities as though it is a normal day. The libraries will remain open, as will all of our facilities, and it is possible that your classes won’t be affected.  

We will be providing free coffees, teas and cakes, for anyone affected by the strike action. These will available near the main entrances of each campus. 

These are the dates of the national strike days: 

  • Thursday 20 February 
  • Tuesday 25 February 
  • Monday 2 March 
  • Thursday 12 March 
  • Friday 13 March 

Please read the information we have provided in our Frequently Asked Questions section to find out more about the national strike action and how it will affect you.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1.1 What is the dispute about?
1.2 What is the University’s position in the dispute?
1.3 When will the strikes take place?
1.4 What is a strike?
1.5 Is the University open during the strike action?
1.6 How will I know if my classes are cancelled?
1.7 Can I join the strike?
1.8 Can I cross a picket line?
1.9 Will the library and other services be open during the strike?
2.0 ​Where can I get more support if I am particularly worried by the strike?
2.1 Will teaching sessions be rescheduled if they are cancelled?
2.2 Will student assessments and the delivery of exams be affected?
2.3 Will exam papers be revised if teaching cannot be completed?
2.4 Will there be extensions given to submission deadlines for student assessments?
2.5 Should students complete Extenuating Circumstances documentation if their academic performance is affected by the strike action?
2.6 Will Graduation be affected?
2.7 Will progression to the next year of the course be affected?
2.8 Will the finish dates of courses change?
2.9 What should students do if they want to make a complaint as a result of the strike action?
3.0 ​Will student attendance records be affected if students are not in classes on a strike day?​
3.1 Will students who hold Tier 4 Visas need to stay longer to meet any attendance criteria?
3.2 What arrangements will there be for Graduate Apprentice students who can only attend University on a specific day due to their work commitments?
3.3 Will there still be support for students studying overseas with partner institutions?
3.4 Why is pay being deducted from teaching staff on strike now?
3.5 What will the University do with the money saved through salaries not being paid to teaching staff on strike?
3.6 Can I use the impact of the strike action as the basis for an appeal?
3.7 Will I be entitled to compensation if I miss classes or coursework?