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  Data Protection

The University is required by the Data Protection Legislation (EU General Data Protection Regulation and UK Data Protection Act 2018) to process all personal data strictly in accordance with the Legislation and its data protection principles.

The University has developed a Data Protection Code of Practice which: 

  • provides guidance on the application of the Act
  • concentrates on key issues of concern to the University
  • reflects our agreed policies and procedures; and
  • provides links to these where appropriate and to specific guidance notes and other resources
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Specific sections of the Code which apply to students include:

Student processing of personal data
Use of personal data in research
Collection and use of your personal data
Related University policies

​External Links To Sources Of Advice And Guidance

Please note that all links provided in this guidance to third party sites are for your information and convenience only. Edinburgh Napier University has no control over these sites and accepts no liability in respect of their use.
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