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  Exam Instructions to Students

The Univeristy's Exam Instructions for you to read through.

Exam guidance

All examinations taking place in the resit exam period (27 July – 7 August) and trimester 3 (24 - 28 August) will be taking place online through the Moodle Exam Server​. This is a decision taken due to the impact of the Coronavirus. Click here for the Student Guidance video​.

By now you will have received guidance on how we will ensure that you are not disadvantaged as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic. For full details of our guidance on extensions, deferral of assessments, extenuating circumstances and academic appeals procedures, please click here​.​​

Our aim is to ensure flexibility and support in both your course work and examinations. We must however balance this intention with the absolute need to maintain academic standards, so your degree qualification is valid and valued by you and by employers in years to come.

For this reason, you must complete your coursework and examinations despite the personal and technical challenges that you and the University has been facing. The following guidance will provide further clarity on examinations processes we are introducing for the forthcoming exam diet.

Online exams

We recognise that for many of you, online examinations will be a very new experience.

All online exams will take place on Moodle Exam Server​

There are two different types of examination: 

  • 7-day open book exams
  • Timed exams

7-day open book exams

For most of you, the examination papers will be available for a full seven days from the scheduled start of the exam. You can download the paper and work on it at any time during that 7-day period. However, you must allow yourself plenty of time to upload your answers- don’t leave it until the last minute in case there are technical problems.

  • Please note that the 7-day exam paper ‘window’ is there to enable you to work in your own time. Some of you will be working overseas and in different time-zones; others may only be able to access a computer at certain times.

  • You are not expected to spend seven days working on your answers. Be guided by the original format of the exam paper. In other words, an exam paper that was originally set for three hours should take you around the same time for you to complete, with a little extra time allowance for managing the technical interface. Some papers will set an indicative word count to give you additional guidance on the length of answers that you should be aiming to write.

Timed exams

A number of our professionally accrediting bodies require us to apply a more stringent time-limit to the exams.

In some other cases, open book exams are not suitable assessments for the module and a timed paper has been approved instead.

If this applies to any of your modules, then this will be apparent to you in your exam timetable.

In all cases, we have extended the duration of the exam to give you time to download the paper, write your answers and upload them.  This extended time is also intended to support additional time requirements which may be required for students with specific learning profiles.

Please allow yourself plenty of time to deal with any technical interface issue - the extended time should be used primarily by you to manage such matters if required, so you should aim to be working on your answers for around the same time as you would have for the original exam (e.g. around three hours writing for a three-hour paper).

Support during the exams

Under normal circumstances staff would be available at the exam room should there be any initial queries about the paper. Given that you will not necessarily be starting to work on your papers at the same time, we plan to set aside space on the Moodle exam site so you can raise questions which staff can then address in as timely a manner as they can. Further guidance on this process will be issued closer to the opening of the exam diet.

Examination integrity

In order to ensure the integrity of the examination process, we will be undertaking some post-exam interviews with a selected number of students. If you are contacted for this reason, please be assured that the interview is not a test of you as an individual and is not something to be concerned about. The process is designed to provide us with information on how the student group as a whole engaged with the examination in the online space. It is therefore a quality assurance process, detail on which might be used by the Programme Assessment Boards when reaching their decisions on overall module results.

It is important that all students abide by the Student Conduct Regulations in undertaking these examinations.  Exam answers will also be checked through Turnitin for originality.

Further questions

If you have further questions about the exam process, please email​

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