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  Security Arrangements for Graduation

Important Information on Security Arrangements.

We hope you are looking forward to your forthcoming Graduation Ceremonies.

We always try to provide our graduating students with as much information as possible in advance of the Ceremonies so that you are well prepared for the day.  We would encourage you to read our Graduation Booklet.

In light of recent security issues within the UK, we need to make you and your guests aware of some additional information provided by the Usher Hall, which is our main venue for our Graduation Ceremonies.

While there is no intelligence to suggest a specific threat to Scotland, the Usher Hall and the Sheraton Grand Hotel (photography venue) are currently operating under enhanced security and emergency procedures.

It is important therefore, that you are aware of the following information:

  • No bags or rucksacks will be permitted in to the venue beyond a small handbag
  • There will be no cloakroom provision for bags
  • We reserve the right to carry out searches of handbags

You should allow extra time to get to the venue and your seat as additional checks will add time to accessing the venue.

You can access this information via the links below to the Usher Hall website:

Important: please advise your guests of these arrangements so neither you or your guests are refused entry to the Ceremonies. 

We feel that these are appropriate measures in light of the UK threat level and ask you to support the staff involved in Graduation and at the venues by adhering to this information.

We hope that all of our graduating students have a fantastic Graduation experience and we would ask for your co-operation with the requests above to ensure that you and guests enjoy this special day.

Thank you and congratulations on your forthcoming award. | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App