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  Application Process

An electronic copy of the form must be emailed to Please ensure you include the 'Name of Programme' and advise if it is a resubmission in the email to help determine what stage the application is at.

A paper copy must also be handed to Hilary Sawers on or before the tabled dates noted under Submission Deadlines.
Students seeking School Research Integrity Committee approval must ensure the paper copy is signed by a supervisor as well as the applicant. The application will not proceed without this.

In special circumstances an email to from the supervisor verifying that she/he has seen and approved the application, is acceptable, provided that this email - and the student's electronic and paper copies of the application - are received by the due date. A paper copy signed by student and supervisor must follow. 

Please refer to our Submission Deadlines page for expected feedback timescales. 

Application Form

Ethical Approval Form Guidance notes 
Applications should be sent to:
Hilary Sawers
1 Sighthill Court
EH11 4BN
Reviewers please use the Feedback proforma

Undergraduate application mailboxes

Please send your new applications/resubmissions to the appropriate course mailbox as well as copying in (bcc) the Ethics inbox 
  • Social Science/Criminology applications                                                
  • Psychology applications                                                                                
  • Sports and Exercise Science applications                  
  • Biological Sciences applications                                             
  • Nursing applications                                                       

MPhil/PhD MA/MSc NHS applications

To avoid any hold up with receiving ethical approval, we strongly recommend other ethics applications such as PhD, MSc or Edinburgh Napier University Staff applications are submitted prior to Trimester 1.
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