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  NHS Research

Applicants whose research will involve NHS patients and/or staff need to apply for NHS ethical approval.
In the first instance it is useful to send an enquiry to the NHS Research Ethics Committee to check whether submission is required.

The person to contact in relation to NHS Lothian is:

Helen Newbery
Scientific Officer
South East Scotland Research Ethics Service
Waverley Gate
Phone: 0131 465 5679 (35679) 

The Integrated Research Application System (IRAS) is now the method of application.
The completed IRAS (Integrated Research Application System) form should be submitted to the School Research Integrity Committee and ethical approval must be obtained before submission to the NHS Ethics approval system. One electronic copy and one signed paper copy must be submitted.
Current Edinburgh Napier University Indemnity Certificate and Liability Certificate.

Accessing NHS Patient Data for Research

Under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998, individuals undertaking research studies which will require them to access NHS patient data, must gain the appropriate authorisation from the relevant NHS Board, prior to commencing their study. This also applies to researchers who normally in the course of their clinical practice have legitimate access to patient data. NHS Lothian and NHS Borders have identified an appropriate application process that must be followed by potential researchers in this event. This process can be found at:

Research passports

Research within the NHS by non-NHS staff has always required an Honorary Contract. However the system has recently changed and all non-NHS researchers will now require the development of a research passport to allow them to undertake research in this setting.
Further information about research passports | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App