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  NOVI Online Data Collection

The University has replaced its online survey tool (Ultimate Survey) with a new product called “Novi”.
The new service is hosted on University resources which is far more secure and reliable than other free utilities available on the Internet and supports the needs of the University Research and Integrity Committee.
To access the service:
  • Go to NOVI Survey
  • Log in using your Edinburgh Napier University login ID and password.

Additional information including guidance on the use of Novi can be found on the Novi Survey page or moodle.

For help using the service click on the "Online Help" icon on the main interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I need to create a survey but the "New Survey" icon is not visible when I log in. What do I do?

A: Contact IT Support and they'll give you access to create new surveys:

Q: Is Novi compatible with all browsers?

A: You can complete surveys from any browser but you must have one of the following browsers to design and edit surveys:
  • Internet Explorer version 8 or greater
  • Firefox version 3 or greater
  • Safari version 5 or greater
  • Chrome version 3 or greater | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App