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 Research Ethics and Governance

Information for the School of Applied Sciences & the School of Health and Social Care.​​​

​Any Researcher wishing to access Edinburgh Napier staff and/or students within the School of Health and Social Care or School of Applied Sciences as participants, must apply for approval by the School Research Integrity Committee. 

Additionally any Researcher who wishes to undertake research that involves participants from across the University should apply for ethical approval to the University Research Integrity Committee using the process detailed below -

Scrutiny of applications by the Schools Research Integrity Committees aims to ensure that:

  • research is 'ethical' i.e. participants will not experience physical and/or psychological harm and the research design is sufficiently robust to ensure that participation is worthwhile
  • governance issues are addressed i.e. research is designed and conducted in a way that will enhance - and certainly not damage - the reputation of Edinburgh Napier University.
  • applications meet the requirements of the University Code of Practice for Research Integrity

Student research recruitment

Students wishing to recruit participants to their study must do so by completing a Student Research Recruitment Details form.
Details will be advertised via the School of Health and Social Care or School Applied Sciences Student portals within 2-3 working days. Please login to myDashboard and view the relevant School for opportunities.
Volunteers wishing to take part in advertised studies must contact with the student direct. | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App