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  Submission Deadlines

The School of Applied Sciences & School of Health and Social Care meet once a month for most of the academic year to ensure that applications are dealt with speedily.

​School of Health and Social Care Ethics Committee Meetings

Submission Deadline Dates 2018/19: 

Submission deadline for ethical approval                    Meeting dates and times

5 September 18                                                                   26 September          10am - 11.30am

01 October 18                                                                       22 October               2pm - 3.30pm

05 November 18                                                                  21 November           10am - 12noon

03 December 18                                                                  17 December            10am - 12noon          

15 January 19                                                                        31 January                 2pm - 4pm

08 February                                                                          27 February              2pm - 4pm

08 March                                                                              25 March                   10am - 12noon

05 April                                                                                  24 April                     10am - 12noon

03 May                                                                                   28 May                      2pm - 4pm

08 June                                                                                 27 June                      10am - 12noon

Feedback and Approval guidelines

The turnaround time for receiving reviewers feedback is normally 3 weeks from application Submission deadline date.
Trimester 1 -  Please be advised that due to the high number of Undergraduate applications received during this time the turnaround time for receiving reviewers feedback will take approximately 4-6 weeks.
Trimester 3 - We strongly recommend you have your application into the School Research Integrity Committee by our June submission deadline date.  After this date we will be limited on staff availability during the months of June, July and August and may not be able to review your application quickly. | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App