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  3. Assessment

You can expect us to:

  • Provide a range of suitable assessments at each level of study;
  • Design assessments which are fair, valid, motivating, reliable and relevant;
  • Provide specifications as to what is expected of you for each assignment you are to submit;
  • Offer you opportunities if appropriate, to contribute to the design of assessment;
  • State at the beginning of the module, the consequences of handing in late coursework;
  • Publish details of the exam timetable on myNapier​ six working weeks before the exams begin;
  • Publish your module and programme board results online using eStudent Records on the stated publication day;
  • Arrange any appropriate assessment or exam concessions providing these have been agreed in advance with the Disability & Inclusion Team;

​We expect you to: 

  • Take responsibility for your own learning;
  • Learn from, and reflect on, your assessments;
  • Contribute to the design of assessments if requested;
  • Be aware of and to adhere to University regulations and procedures​​;
  • Ensure your assessed work is handed in on time and that it complies with the relevant University policies such as academic conduct and avoiding plagiarism;
  • Inform the module leader as soon as possible of any health matters that may affect your study or performance. Notify in advance if you cannot submit your assessed work on time and agree on a new date;
  • Confirm the dates and times of your exams and accept they may be scheduled for times outside 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday;
  • Attend your exams without disturbing other students or affecting their performance;
  • Note that If you attend, submit or participate in any form of assessment, you are declaring yourself to be ‘fit to sit’.  This means that you cannot subsequently claim that your performance was adversely affected by extenuating circumstances. View more information on the 'fit to sit' policy.
  • Complete the appropriate form to request a deferral of assessment or extension if you are not in a position to attend, submit or participate in any form of assessment, or your preparation for assessment has been compromised as a result of extenuating circumstances. You should give it to your School Office, within the published timescales;
  • Keep the information on your Record of Academic Achievement up to date and tell your School Office and Student & Academic Services if any details change; View more information on the extenuating circumstances policy​.
  • Register, pay fees for and attend any resit exams you have to take;
  • Check any special needs arrangements that are made for you.
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