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  4. Feedback

You can expect us to:

  • Provide regular, timely and constructive formal and informal feedback to enhance future performances;
  • Provide formal feedback:
    • Within five working weeks of the exam period ending;
    • Within three working weeks of any other formal assessment dead-line.
​          We will tell you in advance if we cannot meet this.
  • Gather, and respond to, student feedback on learning, teaching and assessment activities through module or course questionnaires and student surveys every year;
  • Evaluate your feedback every year and tell you how we have used it to make changes.​

We expect you to: 

  • View all forms of feedback as an on-going and developmental dialogue;
  • Use formal and informal feedback to​:
    • Develop your learning;
    • Self-assess and improve your future performance;
    • Develop reflective skills for both self and peer evaluation.
  • Take part in progress reviews and act on the feedback we give you;
  • Complete course and module questionnaires and student surveys when required.​ | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App