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  2. Teaching

You can expect us to:

  • Value the teaching we give to you;
  • Promote the sharing of good practices and the development of staff expertise;
  • Encourage research and scholarly activity to support high quality teaching; 
  • Motivate and engage you in your subject;
  • Provide a programme handbook with current information.  Off-campus students can also expect information at the beginning of each new module or stage of study;
  • Keep to the schedule of teaching and give reasonable notice of any unplanned changes to classes and seminars (for example if a member of academic staff is ill);
  • Provide support and guidance for students going on placements;
  • Provide information about how you will communicate with key contacts within the University, and they with you.

If you are a research student, you can also expect us to:

  • Provide information on the mechanism for approving your research programme and the annual review of your research programme;
  • Arrange a supervisory team and appoint a suitably qualified member of the supervisory team to be your director of studies;
  • Help you to enhance your skills in academic writing through a series of seminars/training.

​We expect you to:

  • Play an increasingly active role in your own learning, including:
    • Having a professional and responsible attitude;
    • Keeping in regular contact;
    • Preparing for, and participating in, classes and seminars;
    • Working regular hours and attending all timetabled classes;
    • Refraining from being late for class and leaving early without good reason;
    • Meeting agreed targets and submission dates 
  • ​Engage with timetabled university activities, mindful that the current Timetabling Policy indicates:
    • The standard teaching week extends from Monday to Friday.
    • Standard teaching hours are from 9am to 6pm except for Wednesday (see below)
    • Teaching activity may occasionally be scheduled outside the standard hours where this meets specific criteria.
    • Teaching starts promptly on the hour and ends at 10 minutes to the hour, to allow students and staff to move on to their next teaching event.  
    • On Wednesdays, teaching events will normally be scheduled to take place from 9am to 1pm in order to facilitate participation in student-led activity in the afternoon.

  • Use the learning materials available to you and take responsibility for finding information and developing academic skills​;
  • Work hard on your course and tutorial work. We expect you to study around 200 hours per module including class time.​ | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App