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  Student Surveys - Making a Difference

Edinburgh Napier University uses a number of different methods to collect feedback on a range of activities and services. We then reflect on what you have told us so we can improve your student experience.

Module Evaluation

What is Module Evaluation? 

All students are invited to evaluate each of their modules, typically towards the end of the Trimester. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete the short online questionnaire.   

You will now complete all of your module evaluations online.  In most cases, your module leader will set aside time in class to allow you to complete this. You can do this on your own device. If you are not able to complete it in class the survey will remain open for at least two weeks and you can complete it at a time which is convenient to you.

The advantages of online modules evaluation are: 

  • Reduced environmental impact of printing the questionnaires required for modules across the University.  
  • If you are not in the class when time has been set aside to undertake the module evaluation you still have the opportunity to give your feedback online

How does it work? 

The module evaluation survey will open, usually at the start of week 11, and you can take part in the survey using any of the following methods:

  • Following the email link sent to your University mailbox

  • Accessing the survey block on the Moodle dashboard

  • Using the survey tile on the iNapier app

Need help to complete the survey? 

We have created two instructional videos to help you complete your online module evaluation. Click here to see how to access your survey from Moodle, a desktop or a mobile phone

Click here​ to see how to access your survey using the iNapier mobile app. 

Why do we evaluate modules? 

Each module is evaluated to identify where things are going well and where things could be improved.  

What Next? 

Module evaluation results form part of the annual review process for each module and changes can be made to the module delivery as result.  This helps improve the student experience and students benefit from the feedback received in previous years


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