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Before taking any decision to suspend your studies it is really important to make sure you are aware of any knock-on effects this decision may have for you. You may wish to speak to the contacts detailed below, directly about your particular case or also discuss these matters with your programme leader to ensure you are fully informed of any implications associated with suspending your studies.

Before suspending your studies there is University Support available to help you consider your options. 


To discuss the impact of suspension on fees and finance please contact for further information.

In relation to payment of fees, current university policy states that Scottish/EU students funded by Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS):

  • Suspend in the first 4 weeks – no fees are due
  • Suspend after 4 weeks of course study – 25% fee due
  • Suspend after 10 weeks of course study – 50% fee due
  • Suspension after 4 weeks of second semester – 100% fee due
If you are a student from the rest of UK students please contact student fees for further information.
Student’s considering suspension should note that SAAS do not normally honour a second year of funding for the same level of study.

Student Funding

Suspended students are advised to contact Student Funding for advice and guidance on any money issues.

ENSA Advice

Call 0131 229 8791 or email for an appointment.

Council Tax

Students registered on SITS as Suspended Studies (SS) are normally entitled to Council Tax exemption during the suspended period. You should speak to your local authority to confirm your entitlement to an exemption.

University accommodation

Your tenancy agreement will have information on any fees that you may be liable for while staying in university accommodation. For further information contact


As a suspended student you will continue to have access to Moodle however you will only receive access to the occurrence of the module that you were initially enrolled onto.

Computing and Library facilities

You will continue to have access to these facilities while you are on your period of suspended study, unless you have failed to pay any relevant fees. 
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