Technology Support

Technology Support includes hardware or software designed to provide support or improved information access for people with a range of disabilities or additional support needs.

Tips for remote studying and assessments

As you work to complete your assessments, the Disability Inclusion team has put together a short reminder guide of tricks and tips to help you in your studies:

  • How to make laptops, tablets and phones easier to use
  • Extras in the software you use everyday like Word, Chrome and Adobe Acrobat
  • Additional software available to you for free

You can download the Software Study guide in PowerPoint format. We hope you find it useful and please let us know of your own top tips we can share.



A range of software is available on the University network. The software can be accessed on and off-campus via AppsAnywhere - check the Study Tools category.

The main packages we have available on the network are: Information and resources on specialist software and IT strategies for literacy and study support can be found on Moodle. Ask an Adviser for more information about the Study Skills Resource Hub.


Training and support in the use of helpful technology and equipment is available from our Assistive Technology Advisor. We currently offer training on Read & Write Texthelp, ClaroRead, Dragon Naturally Speaking, Mindview and Audio Notetaker. We give advice on how to use digital recorders, laptops, tablets, medical spellcheckers and medical dictionaries.

We can also offer advice and guidance on the use of your own devices including tablets and phones and helpful apps that support study skills and literacy.

Support is also available in the use of specialist equipment or software to support visual, mobility or hearing difficulties.

Loan Equipment

We can provide loan equipment on variable terms, depending on your circumstances. This equipment includes digital recorders, medical dictionaries, medical spellcheckers and various keyboard and mouse combinations. Laptops can be borrowed from the Library.

Getting technology help and support

Appointments with our Assistive Technology Advisor can be booked via MyFuture.

Fact sheets for using technology and other accessibility tools to support your learning

A range of Factsheets are available to help explore different study and support technologies. The Factsheets include technology resources available on the University network which offer advice on mobile technologies and apps. You can access the Factsheets from the Study Skills Resource Hub on Moodle at the bottom of the page in Technology Fact Sheets section.