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Frequently Asked Questions about Counselling and Mental Health Advisers Service

General Questions about Counselling and Mental Wellbeing

How do I arrange an appointment with a counsellor or a Mental Health Adviser?

Counselling: Email You will be provided with a short registration form to fill in and placed on a waiting list. You will receive an email with an appointment offer when we have an appointment for you.
Mental Health Advisers: email and a member of the time will contact you to arrange an appointment.

The Counselling and Mental Wellbeing service is closed and I need to speak to someone urgently.

Please consult our list of crisis contacts.

Is the Counselling and Mental Wellbeing Service confidential?

The counselling and mental wellbeing team is a confidential service and neither a counsellor nor mental health adviser will share details of your counselling with teaching staff, your GP, or anyone else without express permission from you beforehand.
However there are circumstances in which we may break confidentiality. To learn more about this please consult our confidentiality page.

What is the difference between the Counselling Service and the Mental Health Advisers?

Counselling is a short term allocation of sessions for a student to discuss a situation/issue or concern that is causing stress, anxiety, depression or any other issues.
Our counselling service offers:
  • one to one assessment and counselling, in general, up to 5 session
  • short term counselling can include student lead exploration as well as goal orientation. This can include explorations and goals regarding your studies as well as your life in general.
  • counselling can help with building emotional resilience during periods in a student’s life when they are feeling anxious, depressed or overwhelmed.
  • counselling offers a space which allows for support and exploration of personal and relational difficulties (past or present) where the student can develop new resources and coping strategies.
The Mental Health Advisers can work with students on a more flexible basis throughout their academic career.
Our Mental Health team can help if you:
  • have an existing mental health condition
  • are feeling anxious or depressed
  • are worried about your mental health
  • want to plan how to stay well while at university

What do people talk about in a counselling or mental health adviser appointment?

You can talk to a counsellor or mental health adviser about anything that is bothering you, however large or small you think the problem is, and whether it is related to your studies or your personal life.

Can the counsellors or mental health advisers provide me with a supporting letter for extenuating circumstances/deferral of assessment?

Both services can provide supporting evidence under the following circumstances:
  • you have attended at least one session
  • the counsellor or mental health adviser has deemed it appropriate for you to receive a supporting letter.
We can also provide support for an extension if required.

I need to speak to a counsellor or mental health adviser but I don’t feel my current situation is effecting my academic performance. Can I still apply for counselling?

Students attend counselling for a variety of different reasons other than academic performance. All students are eligible regardless of their academic performance.

I have received counselling at Edinburgh Napier before. Can I apply again?

There is no limit to the number of times you can register for counselling at the University. Counselling sessions are limited to 5 at a time so if you are likely to benefit more from longer term counselling we may refer you to an approved external counsellor.

I received counselling at Edinburgh Napier before. Can I have the same counsellor as last time?

You can request to see the same counsellor on your registration form. Please note that is subject to the availability of the counsellor and yourself and it may not always be possible to fulfil every request.

Can I request a male/female counsellor? Can I request a certain time/campus?

You’ll be asked for your appointment preferences on the registration form. We will endeavour to fulfil any specific request but please note that limited availability may cause your wait for an appointment for longer.

Do I have to pay for utilise the counselling and mental wellbeing service?

The service is free to all Edinburgh Napier Students.

I am a student studying abroad/distance learner. Are there any services available for me?

The counselling service and the mental health advisers can offer telephone or video call counselling to students who are unable to make it to campus.

Are the counsellors and mental health advisers qualified?

The service is staffed by qualified and experienced counsellors and mental health advisers, but we also provide some placement opportunities to student counsellors & CBT placements. We will always inform you beforehand if you are allocated with a placement counsellor and will answer any questions or concerns you have.

Can I provide feedback about my experience?

The Counselling team provides questionnaires at the end of a trimester for students whose counselling has ended.
The mental health adviser provide feedback questionnaires at the end of the year.
If you wish to provide feedback at any other time or would like to flag up anything, you can contact us at or

Questions about Appointments

Where do I go to attend my appointment?

Please head to the iPoint at the campus specified in your email and inform the iPoint staff you have arrived. They will direct you to the waiting area and your counsellor or mental health adviser will come to collect you at the start of your appointment.

Please note: iPoints are not confidential spaces, so it is sufficient to state you have an appointment with the named staff member.

What is an Assessment Appointment?

An assessment appointment is an appointment of up to 40 minutes in length in which you meet with a counsellor to discuss why you have chosen counselling & outline some goals for further sessions.
Your first appointment will be a consultation meeting. It is a two way process. The Counsellor will get to know you, and your concerns and hopes about counselling. You can find out what counselling has to offer. You can ask questions, if you want to, about the Counselling service and the counselling process.
Your counsellor knows how difficult it can be to ask for help and talk about your problems. He or she won't mind if you find it hard to express your feelings, or if you cry or get angry. You are in control of the pace at which things happen.
At the end of your assessment you may be placed on the waiting list for regular counselling or a different therapeutic service.

Will my counsellor be the same one I had at my assessment?

We will always endeavour to have the same counsellor as your assessment, but this is not always possible. If you have any concerns or would like to request the same counsellor, you can always get in touch and we will endeavour to fulfil her request.

How long does a counselling appointment last?

A counselling appointment will last a maximum of 50 minutes. An assessment appointment will last up to 40 minutes.

I am running late for an appointment.

Please let us know by emailing Please note that session length will be reduced to fit within the 50 minute slot allocated. Your counsellor may postpone your appointment if there is an inappropriate length of time left to provide an appointment.

I cannot attend the appointment you have given me.

Please get in touch as soon as possible and we can look for a more suitable appointment time. Please note we require 24 hours’ notice of a cancellation (except in exceptional circumstances)

Please note that students who cancel multiple appointments may be taken off the waiting list. For more information see our attendance page.

I missed my counselling appointment. Can I have another one?

If you are waiting for an assessment or to be allocated a counsellor, a member of the team will contact you to check if you are still interested in counselling.
If you are in counselling currently, your counsellor will get in touch to confirm your attendance for the next appointment.

Please note that missed appointments may count towards your maximum number of sessions and if you miss two or more appointments we may take you off the waiting list. For more information see our attendance page. | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App