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Self-help for Wellbeing and Mental Health

A new way to a healthier mind 

1 in 4 of us struggle with mental health challenges, like feeling low or anxious.  SilverCloud programmes give you the tools and skills to feel better and stay better. 

A New Way to a Healthier Mind 

Based on 2 decades of clinical research and proven therapies - SilverCloud programmes give you the tools and skills to feel better and stay better. 

"I felt supported throughout the programme and loved that I could use it on my phone when I needed to. I still track my mood and practice what I learned to feel better.”  SilverCloud Health User ​​​

What is SilverCloud? 

Secure immediate access to online programmes tailored to your needs. You can choose from online programmes to help with stress, sleep, anxiety, low mood and depression. 

Each programme uses proven methods like cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Giving you the skills to improve your mental health and wellbeing. 

The Programme modules are easy to use. You can work though the activities, videos and content anytime on your computer, tablet, or phone. 

SilverCloud provides:

  • Easy to Access - Access programmes anytime on any device
  • Easy to Use - 82% of people find the programmes easy to use 
  • Login, Learn & Practice - Receive regular feedback from an online supporter 
  • Proven Outcomes - It’s proven in trials to work as well as face to face therapy 

​What programmes are available? 

Choose from programmes to help with: 

  • Wellbeing Programmes that give you the skills to deal with everyday issues that affect your emotional health 
  • Mental Health Programmes to help alleviate the symptoms of common mental health conditions
  • Chronic Health Programmes that focus on the mental health aspects of living with a long term condition

Access SilverCloud

Click here to sign up​ and access programs which are proven to help you feel better.

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