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  What is Counselling

At times, everyone suffers from stress, gets depressed, angry, anxious, or confused. Sometimes, a good friend or a relative can help. However, there are times when these problems do not go away or emotions become overwhelming and can have an impact on your studies. These are the times when a Counsellor can help.

Counselling is a talking therapy where you meet with a dedicated and qualified counsellors in a safe, confidential space to discuss any problems or difficulties you may have encountered. Our counselling service offers a non-judgemental and accepting environment and we will endeavor to really hear and understand your story. We will accept you and respect your feelings and whilst we will not tell you what to do, we will work with you so that you can find your own way and solutions. 

We will not discriminate against anyone based on their characteristics regardless of their disability, ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

Counselling at Edinburgh Napier offers...

  • One-to-one assessments and, in general, counselling for up to 5 sessions short term counselling which includes a space to explore, process and set goals e.g. goals around studies or achievable life goals. 
  • Counselling can help with building emotional resilience when dealing with feelings of anxiety and depression.
  • Counselling offers a space which allows for support and exploration of personal and relational difficulties (past or present) and the ability to develop new resources and coping strategies.
  • Referral to University Services such as Disability and Inclusion and Student Funding
  • Referral to longer term counselling (when appropriate and with consent) and referral to community resources e.g., external counselling agencies, mental health support and more specialised services. If you would like more information about this please contact us directly and we can advise further. 

The Counsellor will listen to, and try to understand what you are really saying, to accept you and respect your feelings. He or she will not tell you what to do, but help you make your own decisions.

For more information on our service please consult our FAQ

Arranging an appointment with Counselling

The counselling team provide appointments at all three campuses.

How can I arrange an appointment with a counsellor?

If you have any questions or enquiries or would like to book an appointment, please email   

Assessment Appointment

You will be sent an offer of an assessment appointment which:
  • Will last up to 40 minutes.
  • You will discuss with a counsellor why you have chosen counselling and your goals for further sessions.
  • If appropriate, you will then added onto the waiting list for counselling.

Counselling Appointment

Once you are placed on the waiting list, you will be allocated with a counsellor which:

  • Will last up to 5 sessions
  • Will take place at the same time each week with the same counsellor.
  • The counsellor can refer to another service such as external counselling if appropriate.

How quickly can I be seen?

When you register for the service, your email will give you an estimated waiting time. This will be based on the demand for the service and is likely to be a little longer at busier times of the year.

Regardless of the time stated on the email, please get in touch if you ever need to speak to someone urgently. | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App