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 Disability Inclusion

Equal access to university life is a vital part of every student experience, and our team of Disability Inclusion staff are here to make sure it happens for you.

Our approach to disability equality

Edinburgh Napier University welcomes people with disabilities, long term health conditions and specific learning difficulties and is committed to providing students with positive support in all aspects of University life.

At Edinburgh Napier University, we take account of all our legal obligations under the Equality Act 2010 (incorporating the provisions of the former Disability Discrimination Act) to achieve best practice in promoting disability equality wherever possible   We also welcome the strengthening of the law to outlaw discrimination because of the protected characteristic of disability within the Equality Act 2010, and will continue to build on the success we have had to date.

Our equality outcomes  are reviewed annually; this provides an effective focus for helping to evaluate, develop and improve our support to all students (including disabled students) , as well as meeting  our  equality and diversity objectives and outcomes.

Further information on the University’s current equality and diversity aims and related documents, can be found at the following link: Equality & Diversity Statements and documents.

Contact us 

If you have any suggestions about the support we provide for students, we would welcome your comments. Please contact the Disability & Inclusion team by email at | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App