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  Making the most of your support

We are here to help you make the most of your support at Edinburgh Napier. You will find practical information to help you while you are studying and ensure you get the best opportunities to achieve your goals.

​If you have a disability or health condition for which you require support, you are strongly encouraged to make arrangements to speak to an Adviser about your support needs at the earliest opportunity.  This is important, even if you have included information on your UCAS or direct entry application form, or you have mentioned your difficulties to an academic member of staff.  If you have a specific learning difficulty (such as dyslexia) the process for putting support in place is outlined here. Please note that support (including exam adjustments) cannot be put in place until this has been discussed and agreed with an Adviser in the Disability & Inclusion Team. 

Your Adviser will ask you to sign a ‘disclosure form’ indicating your agreement to key information being shared with other relevant members of staff (for example your School disability contact and your lecturers) and key staff in approved support agencies.  We will not share information about you without your consent.  Please also look at the section towards the end of these information pages entitled ‘Your role in helping things to work smoothly’, as this details how you can work with us to ensure the most effective support.

You can access a screen readable PDF version here.

Arranging an appointment and/or talking to an Adviser
DSA funded support
Exam support
Loan equipment or software
Using technology support
What to do if you have any queries or things go wrong
Working with staff from an approved support agency
Working with your Adviser
Your ‘Learning Profile’
Your role in helping things to work smoothly
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