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The University has a range of facilities and support available to everyone. Quiet Rooms are located at each campus and can be used for prayer or somewhere to chill. Information is provided below if you need to talk to someone in person.

​Quiet rooms

The Quiet Room at Merchiston is in room H12. Booking is not required but the University will seek to ensure that everyone gets fair and equitable access when they need it most. A shower room with ablution facilities is available for all to use and is located between floor G and floor H (currently marked H1).

There is a Quiet Room at Sighthill Campus (in room 1.B.03) and ablution facilities are available along the same corridor in both the female (1.B.07) and male toilets (1.B.08).

At Craiglockhart the Quiet Room is 4/32 and a shower room is available along the corridor (marked 4/01). These facilities are located on the 4th floor and are accessible either by stairs or a lift (the lift is located by the War Poets Collection).

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If you need support out of standard business hours or at weekends you can contact Nightline on 0131 557 4444 or visit their website. Nightline also offer an Instant Messenger service​ between 8pm and 8am. | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App