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  Emergency funding for EU and International students

The University provides limited emergency funding for EU and international students experiencing unexpected financial difficulties.

The University has set aside limited funds to assist EU and international students in unexpected financial difficulty.

The fund allows for the provision of short-term financial support which may enable a student to complete their studies or allow the time needed for them to regain stability in their financial arrangements and continue their studies in future sessions. Applications meriting support might include occasions where a sponsor is suddenly unable to provide support, a temporary delay in a living cost allowance or where financial support is stopped because of a sudden change in political/social situation in their home country or where a student unexpectedly and urgently needed to return home for family reasons.

Students who are experiencing financial difficulties for any other reason should refer to Find a Fund​.


Ensure that you have filled out the form fully and that you supply copies of all the required documentation. Failure to do so could delay your application being processed. For further details, please refer to the policy document. A list of the documents required is listed on the application form​.

Completed forms must be submitted by using your student email address not your personal email address to

You must ensure that the documents you supply with your application are scanned and attached to the email. If you have any questions please email​​

The fund is currently open.​ | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App