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  Nursing & Midwifery Discretionary Fund

The new Nursing and Midwifery Discretionary fund is allocated by Scottish Ministers and is intended to help eligible students who are in financial difficulty to attend their programme of study.

​Awards can be made to assist students with general living costs, accommodation, essential course costs and, in some circumstances, help towards childcare costs.

Am I eligible?

You are eligible to apply to Edinburgh Napier University’s Nursing and Midwifery Discretionary Fund if:

  • You are a UK student, or are from another country and satisfy the SAAS residence conditions to be treated in the same way as a UK student for student funding purposes
  • You are attending a pre-registration nursing and midwifery course of study
  • You have used full entitlement of all other available student maintenance support such as nursing and midwifery student bursary and allowances.  (Parents should also have claimed all other allowances from SAAS or other UK awarding body, Tax Credits and free nursery places etc., as provided by their local authority.
  • You have explored all other options open to you, including the maximum overdraft available to you on a student bank account.
  • You are able to demonstrate financial hardship.

How do I apply?

Application forms should be fully completed and the following documents attached:

  • Bank statements for ALL accounts held showing transactions for 60 days to date of application.
  • Tenancy/Mortgage agreement
  • SAAS award letter
  • Confirmation of childcare costs (see Childcare provider form on application)
  • Most recent Tax Credit Award letter (All pages)
  • Personal statement outlining your personal and financial circumstances.  (This is extremely important to the Student Funding Team as without it we will not have a full picture of the extent of your financial problems.)  
Your application may be rejected if you fail to provide all supporting documents.

When can I apply?

Applications OPEN. Click here for the application form. Closing date for the fund 2 October 2020.

This fund is cash limited and can only be offered while funds are available. If you are in urgent financial difficulty ENSA advisers at Edinburgh Napier Students Association (ENSA) may be able to help. ENSA Advice also offers independent advice and support in managing debt, as well as a range of other issues, during your studies.

Where can I get help with my application?

If you would like to discuss your application we offer online appointments.  For details see: One to One Guidance

​Application Status

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