Beyond Graduation

Our commitment to you extends long after Graduation. We now provide a range of services you can access for at least a year after you graduate.Graduates are the embodiment of our mission as a university and our commitment to you once you graduate lasts a lifetime. You will become a member of our global Alumni Association, where we provide you with a range of services, benefits and opportunities.

Graduates are the embodiment of our mission as a University and our commitment to you once you graduate lasts a lifetime. You will become a member of our global Alumni Association, where we provide you with a range of services, benefits and opportunities.

Remember to opt-in to communication with the University when you apply for graduation. We take data protection laws very seriously and will only contact you about opportunities and important information if you opt-in, so don’t miss out. Make sure you tell us how you want to be in touch on your graduation form or visit

Software and Information

You will continue to have access to the following services for one year after graduating:

  • Your student email account
  • Office 365 ProPlus, which gives you access to the full MS Office suite of programs
  • Your OneDrive for Business account which provides you with 1TB of personal storage
  • You can apply for free Library Membership for the first year after graduating and receive a 50% discount off library membership thereafter.


Your myFuture account will provide you with access to Student Futures Services after you graduate, providing you with a wealth of resources and support to help you find the perfect job.

What can you do through Student Futures and myFuture?

  • Search for opportunities
  • Discuss your career options
  • Get advice on your CV, application processes and portfolio
  • Book onto forthcoming events
  • Develop you online profile
  • Think about further study – as a graduate you are entitled to a 20% discount on any postgraduate study with Edinburgh Napier

Events and Communications

As a graduate you will have access to a custom communications and event schedule that includes:

Opportunities to give back

Giving back can be very beneficial for everyone involved. Perhaps you’ve had an alumni mentor you while you were a student, provide you with a placement opportunity, or come in and speak at one of your lectures. As a graduate you will have opportunities to give back, but it’s not just good for students. Our alumni say that giving back helps their own professional development, improves their CVs and improves their professional network.

Opportunities to give back include:

  • Providing a career case study, or a testimonial about your time at the University
  • Attending an open day or meeting with prospective students around the world
  • Become a mentor
  • Provide a student placement
  • Contributing financially to student grants

Graduate Outcomes Survey

The Graduate Outcomes Survey is undertaken by all publicly-funded Higher Education Institutions.  Leavers are contacted approximately fifteen months after they leave the institution to find out what they are doing.  We are proud of all our graduates and we would like to know what you decide to do next.  We would be grateful if you could spare a few moments to complete this survey when you are contacted, by taking part you will be helping provide current and prospective students with an accurate picture of employment rated among Edinburgh Napier graduates.


Graduate Plus

When you graduate, our amazing Graduate Plus platform is available to you for up to two years after graduation to help support you in your early career. This digital platform provides graduate career advice from Student Futures, entrepreneurial support from our Bright Red Triangle team and information from our alumni team to help keep you connected with the Edinburgh Napier community.
Log in to Graduate Plus
Three graduates outside Usher Hall holding Edinburgh Napier scrolls