Personal coaching

Are you facing any challenges in your life that are impacting on you making your time at university a success? One-to-one personal coaching provides a confidential and supportive space where you can explore these issues and identify solutions and strategies to help you overcome them, so you can move forward and achieve your goals.
Student with blonde hair and blue jacket in conversation with coach

Issues that can be explored include:

  • Coping with setbacks
  • Difficulties adjusting and adapting to university life
  • Managing demands of academic study
  • Problems integrating & making friends
  • Struggles with finance & part-time work

Personal coaching sessions last 30 minutes, take place online on Friday mornings between 10am-12pm, and can booked via myFuture. To arrange coaching sessions outside of this time or for any questions, please email

Please note: This service is currently only available to students in The Business School.