Placements (SHSC)

Edinburgh Napier University has been closely monitoring Covid-19 and liaising with Scottish Government following guidance provided by Health Protection Scotland, NMC and NHS partners for students undertaking practice learning. We’ve included some specific FAQ’s below.

The U​niversity and NHS Lothian have made a collaborative decision to suspend practice learning for all first and second year students for the foreseeable future, regardless of where you are for your practice. We will be in touch with all these PLE area to inform them of our decision.

For first year students, please ensure your ‘Practice Hours Cards’ are up to date when you leave as agreed by your Mentor. We understand that at this stage in practice you may not have all proficiencies signed off.  Please do not worry about that, we will ensure you have the opportunity to retrieve these hours before the end of your programme. In addition, we will be considering your practice hours in relation to your continued studies once we have full information from the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). We will advise you as soon as we are able. Please be clear, your theory modules will continue on-line. 

There will be opportunities for first and second year students to contribute to the NHS with paid opportunities as Band 4 Health Care Support Workers via the NHS Nurse Bank. We will share details of this with you in due course. 

For our third-year students, the NMC are planning to remove ‘supernumerary status’ to allow final year students to complete their programme but be assured you will still be supervised and supported in your practice by Mentors and by the University. The NMC have asked all universities to consider changing the final year of their Nursing and Midwifery programmes for nursing students and midwifery to allow you to potentially work in practice for longer (this will be remunerated i.e., paid). We need to work out the detail of that, and we will share that with you as soon as possible but please be aware this will not be for all students (this may not apply to student carrying fails and/or Fitness to Practice issues). For third year students we ask you to remain on your current placement. If you have any concerns in the meantime, please do contact your PDT.
1.0 Pregnancy
1.1 Underlying Health Conditions
1.2 International / RUK Student
1.3 Self-Isolating
1.4 Final Year Students Voluntary Registration
1.5 General Placement Protocol