Book a Covid-19 Test

Many people have Covid-19 but have no symptoms, which is one of the ways it can spread quickly to different people. That’s why being tested is so important. It protects everyone within your household and within our Edinburgh Napier community.

There are two different tests available which you should have depending on your circumstances.


Changing households or addresses

If you are planning to change the address that you live at during any period of your time at University - including the holidays and between trimesters - please arrange to have a PCR test before you travel.

Once you have had your test and after you have travelled to your new address, please then arrange to have a lateral flow test.

By having both tests, you will protect people before you leave on your journey, and you will be able to check that you have not contracted the disease during your journey.


Students visiting our campuses or with face-to-face teaching

Students who attend our campuses can now arrange to have regular Lateral Flow tests. These can be administered at our testing centre.

You should arrange to have two weekly Lateral Flow tests to make sure that you do not have Covid-19. This will protect other people on our campuses and also those you live with.

Find out about booking a Lateral Flow test