Coming onto campus

Our campuses remain open for the small numbers of students who have essential face-to-face teaching, and for those who do not have suitable study space, or access to computers and Wi-Fi. The vast majority of learning and teaching will be online, but we remain open to help those students who are unable to study at home or must access our buildings. Please consider whether it is essential for you to access our campuses and follow all of our safety guidance if you decide to do so.
Student viewing app on mobile phone

Download the Edinburgh Napier App

The Edinburgh Napier app is going to be one of the most important apps on your phone. It's how you register attendance in class, how to tell us you are on campus, and how you book study space and PCs on campus.

It's really important that if you are able to, you download and use the Edinburgh Napier app. You will be able to find it in your mobile phone app store and you can use it to book space on campus and notify us that you are visiting our buildings.

Make sure you have it downloaded before you come to campus. You can do this in your phone's app store.

Find out how to download the Edinburgh Napier App
Student with headphones in working at computer

Booking equipment, study space, or PCs

If you want to use anything on campus that isn't part of a timetabled class, you need to book it before you arrive. You need to use Resource Booker if you want to use PCs, equipment, or study spaces on campus.

You can access this with your Edinburgh Napier app or by visiting Resource Booker.

Bring your face covering

Face coverings must be worn on campus, accommodation, communal areas and all other teaching areas.

There are special circumstances when students or staff do not need to wear face coverings, so if you see someone not wearing one, remember to be respectful as they may have a very good reason for not wearing it. You must use Student Check-In to register your attendance for all of your classes – whether online, on campus, or at our other teaching venues.


When you arrive on campus

Register your presence with the Edinburgh Napier app.

At the entrance of each campus there will be posters with QR codes on them. You must use the Edinburgh Napier app which has a special reader to read the QR codes. This will register your presence on campus. Normal QR Code readers will not work, so please use the Edinburgh Napier app.

For more information on car parking and travelling to campus, please visit our Getting to Campus pages.


Register your attendance in class with the Edinburgh Napier app

You must also register your attendance in class by using the Student Check-in tile on app. This will tell us that you have attended a class. This information forms part of our responsibilities as part of the government’s Test and Protect programme to keep everyone safe on campus.

You must use Student Check-In to register your attendance for all of your classes. A Student Check-In tile is on your app and can also be accessed through My Account. If for any reason you are unable to check-in using the app, please tell your lecturer who can log your attendance.

Find out everything you need to know about Student Check-In
Catering area on campus with one-way system floor stickers

Moving around campus

We have introduced floor markings, directional signage, one-way entrance and exits, and a number of other changes all designed to help keep you safe. Please follow the signs and be patient where they are any problems. Everyone is doing their best and this is new for all of us.


Remember our lifts are now reserved for those who most need them

The lifts are now only for those students and staff with mobility issues.

For social distancing reasons, our lifts are only accessible by one person at a time, and we have chosen to reserve them for those who most need them. If you are a student who, for reasons visible or invisible, will need to use the lifts around our campuses, contacting Student Wellbeing & Inclusion to gain authorisation.

Please be considerate of others who are given authorisation to use lifts. Remember that there are many invisible reasons who someone may need to use a lift.