Moving to Edinburgh Covid-19 FAQs


Is there anything I need to do before moving to Edinburgh?

If you are travelling within the UK, please arrange to have a PCR test before you begin your journey to Edinburgh. This will reduce the transmission of Covid-19, protecting those around you during your journey, and your flatmates and friends in Edinburgh. You can book a PCR test on the NHS Inform website

Once you arrive in Edinburgh, please arrange to have two lateral flow tests. This will help to further reduce the likelihood of you carrying and spreading Covid-19. You can book a lateral flow test on the NHS Inform website. 

Do I need to come to Edinburgh to study my course?

It’s important that you travel to Edinburgh to take part in your learning with us. You will be able to get vaccinated when you arrive, and we have safety measures in place to make learning with us as safe as possible.  

All students are expected to be in Edinburgh for the start of the trimester so that you are ready and able to make the most of your studies with us. You will have face-to-face classes that you are expected to attend, which will not be replicated online. 

Should I download the Protect Scotland app? 

We highly recommend that you use the Protect Scotland app. It is an important tool for keeping us all safe from Covid-19 and we urge you to download the app.