Plans for Trimester 2

We are looking ahead to Trimester 2 and planning for more in-person time for our students and fewer Covid-19 restrictions on our campuses.


We are planning to remove all social distancing requirements on our campuses and within our teaching spaces. We are also increasing the maximum size of classes from 50 to 100. These two measures will allow more students to be on campus and in classes, meaning you’ll be able to attend more classes in person, with more fellow students.

While these measures will make life on campus feel more normal, we are continuing to exercise caution to help keep our communities safe from the spread of Covid-19. For this reason, all rooms will continue to operate at 75 per cent of maximum capacity, and there will be a 30-minute break between classes to prevent crowding outside classes and lecture theatres.

The more normal and less restricted campus life we are planning for Trimester 2 is all thanks to the progress being made with the vaccination programme and regular testing taking place in wider society. Please play your part in making our society safer by arranging to be vaccinated.

We're excited to be planning for Trimester 2; however, our plans are subject to Scottish Government rules related to Covid-19. We will change these plans if the course of the pandemic changes and we are required to by the Scottish Government. If any of our plans for Trimester 2 change, we will inform you as soon as possible by email and updates on My Napier.