Reading Lists Step-by-Step Guide

Reading Lists make it easy for you to find your module reading and resources. You can suggest new items, comment, create your own collection of items or export a reading list in your required citation style.

Find your reading list

Go to your module page in Moodle and follow the link to your reading list.

You can also search for lists on the Leganto Reading List webpage (click on Guest at the top right to log in).

Can’t find a reading list? Not all lecturers are using Reading Lists (the Leganto software for linking to ebooks and ejournals). Ask your lecturer if you are not sure.

Go to Moodle Go to Reading Lists

Follow a list

Click on Find Lists, search for your chosen reading list by title or code and then select Add.

Leganto Reading Lists - Showing Add button with red circle

Add a ‘like’ or comments

Did you particularly like a reading list item? Give it a like to show your lecturer that you enjoyed it! Or if you have comments, you can start a discussion. 

When you click on an item in a reading list, you will see a ‘like’ button and comment box at the right.

Leganto Reading Lists - Showing like button and DIscuss This section


Mark an item as read

You can use Reading Lists to keep track of what you have and haven’t read.
Click on the tick to the right of an item to mark it as read.

Leganto Reading Lists - Showing book entry with green tick and a red circle around it 

My Collection

Create your own collection of resources from reading lists or any other online source.

Add items to My Collection

Go to and log in (click on Guest at the top right). Then choose Collection.

Leganto Reading Lists - Showing Collection on the left hand side, with a red arrow pointing to it.
To add items to My Collection, add the Cite It! Button to your browser. Make sure your bookmarks bar is visible, click on your initials at the top right of the screen and select Leganto Cite It!
Then drag the Cite It! button to your browser bar.

Add an item to My Collection

Using the same browser, navigate to any ejournal/webpage etc that you would like to add. 
Click on the Cite It button, then Add It. You should now be able to see the item in My Collection.

Alternatively, if you start at Collection, you can click Add Items to find items in LibrarySearch.

Leganto Reading Lists - Showing "Add items+" button with red circle
Then click Add to Collection.

Copy from a reading list to My Collection

You can also copy items from a reading list – click on the three dots next to an item and choose Copy to my collection.

Suggest an item for a reading list

If you are following a reading list and have found an item that you think would be useful, you can suggest it to the module leader.
In Collection, click on the three dots and then Suggest this item.

 Leganto Reading Lists - Showing "Suggest this item" option with red circle

Export from My Collection

In Collection, select the tick boxes next to the items you would like to export, click on the three dots at the top of the screen, then choose Export. You can choose to export to a number of formats, but if you export to Word, you can also choose the bibliography style.

Leganto Reading Lists - Showing drop-down with Import and Export options



If you need help, find broken links or can’t find a reading list item you need in the Library, email or tel: 0131 455 3500.