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Check in to class

If you are studying on one of our Undergraduate or Taught Postgraduate degrees, you must check-in via the Edinburgh Napier app to confirm your attendance for any timetabled learning event taking place on campus or at one of our other teaching venues. For any timetabled learning events taking place online we encourage you to check-in, but it is not mandatory. 

We’ve introduced this to help maintain a safe study and work environment, to support the Scottish Government’s Covid-19 Test and Protect operation and to help us support student wellbeing.

You can check-in using a tile on your Edinburgh Napier app. 

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Student Check In – how does it work?

Student Check-In links the Edinburgh Napier app to your personalised timetable and will alert you via your mobile device that you need to check in at the start of each teaching session.

To verify who was physically in attendance at the precise point of check-in, we ask that your location notifications on your mobile device are turned on, but please note your location on or off campus is not tracked by the system.

You can also check in via a laptop through My Account but you will not receive notifications of your upcoming timetabled events. 

Please note: you can only check-in for classes that you are timetabled for so you must attend the classes as per the timetable. 

Students checking in on their mobile phones

How do I check in?

The process is very simple.  Our five-step guide is below:

  1. You will receive a notification reminding you to check in 5 minutes before your timetabled event is due to start.
  2. Open the Edinburgh Napier app, if prompted log in using your student number and password.
  3. Select the “Check-in” tile on the app interface.
  4. You then click the “Check-in” button for your current event or select the relevant absence reason.
  5. After a few seconds your check-in will be validated, and you can click the finish button.

If for any reason you are unable to check-in using the Edinburgh Napier app, please tell your lecturer who can log your attendance.


Frequently asked questions

Why do I have to check in and how will you use the check-in information?

The Scottish Government have asked all Colleges and Universities to retain information about who has attended specific learning events on-campus or at other venues we use. This information will help Public Health Authorities to contact individuals should there be a need to alert them to the need to be tested or to self-isolate due to COVID19. Information on the Scottish Government’s Track and Tracing programme can be found here.

Our Check-in system operates for all timetabled events, whether they are on-campus, off-campus or online.

From January 2021 the University will be trailing the use of the check-in information, along with other sources of data, to help support students who may not be engaging in their learning and to simplify the process for Tier 4 visa students whose attendance is monitored as part of their student visa requirements. 

I can't pick up Wi-Fi, can I still check in?

Yes. You do not need to be connected to Wi-Fi to check in. Your check-ins are stored in your device and are uploaded next time you get a Wi-Fi connection.

Why are location services used if you are not tracking where I am?

Your GPS location will only be captured at the point of check-in and at no other time. This is being used to verify whether your check-in was undertaken whilst physically in attendance at the event, as we need to be able to differentiate between those who are attending in-person and those who are attending via online methods to aide in the COVID19 Track and Trace process.

What data is collected and how is it stored?

If you check-in to a session, the app records your name, email address, location at time of check-in and IP address. It also records how you checked in (through the app, on your desktop or via a staff member). The data is stored securely in the University’s check-in system.

What about Data Protection?

A privacy impact assessment is in place for the Edinburgh Napier app which ensures that all privacy concerns are managed and that the process is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Which operating system is needed to access the check-in service on my mobile device?

We recommend that you do not try to use a mobile device with Android Version 6 or lower, or IOS Version 10 or lower.

If your phone is running an older version of Android or IOS, this may impact on the reliability of the check-in service.

If you are unable to upgrade to a newer version of the operating system on your device we recommend you access My Account using a laptop to check-in instead.

I do not have a mobile device or a laptop that will allow me to check-in, what do I do?

If you do not have a laptop or mobile device, please speak to the staff member leading your timetabled event who will be able to manually add your check-in via their access.

Which teaching sessions should I check-in for?

You need to check-in for all centrally timetabled teaching sessions taking place on campus or at one of our other teaching venues, including Lectures, Seminars, Tutorials, Practicals and Workshops.

For any timetabled learning events taking place online we encourage you to check-in, but it is not mandatory.

The University is exploring whether to make check-in mandatory for all timetabled learning events including those taking place online.

You do not need to check-in for Induction sessions, Assessments, Exams, Revision, 1-to-1 meetings, Drop-in sessions, Help classes, or Field trips.

Can I see my Check-in history?

You can see your check-in data for the current week in the “History" icon within the Check-in tile on the Edinburgh Napier app. Attendance will be recorded as one of the following:

  • “Check-in Validated” – this means you have successfully attempted to check-in
  • “Not checked-in”- this means you haven’t attempted check-in at all

I cannot see the Check-in tile on My Account, what do I do?

Occasionally the tiles are re-ordered on the Edinburgh Napier app home page so try looking further down the screen.

Make sure the Edinburgh Napier app is up to date if using smartphones or tablets – this will ensure the Check-in tile will appear and work correctly.

To do this you need to check your App or Play Store for the Edinburgh Napier app and see if it says “Open” or “Update”.

If “Update” then click on that to make sure the app is updated to the latest version on your phone.

I am not getting reminders to check-in, what do I do?

Reminders are only sent if you are using a smartphone or tablet.

Please make sure you have notification services turned on for the Edinburgh Napier app.

My timetable is not up to date or is wrong, what do I do?

Make sure your timetable is up to date on the Edinburgh Napier app. 

To do this you should regularly pull down on the timetable screen to refresh the data.

The “Data downloaded” text at the bottom of the screen should then change to “a moment ago” indicating the feed was recently refreshed.

I have the correct operating system but I still can’t check-in, what do I do?

Try to uninstall and reinstall the Edinburgh Napier app on your device. App updates and system improvements may have been introduced that need to be updated on your phone. App updates can happen throughout the year.

Also make sure you have Notifications and Location Services turned on for the Edinburgh Napier app.