International Student Emergency Fund

The fund is intended to support students studying in Scotland who are not eligible for home fee status and/or living cost support.



To be eligible to be considered for his fund you must:

  • Be non-UK domiciled on an international fee place OR be UK domiciled but not eligible to receive living cost support from a UK funding body
  • Have applied to the Home Office for a form of leave or extension of right (asylum seekers, students with limited leave to remain, leave outside of the rules, students who have applied to the Ukraine Extension Scheme who are NOT eligible for living cost support from SAAS, etc) to stay in the UK.
  • Be facing financial hardship as a result of a significant change of circumstances and at risk of not being able to continue with your studies due to that hardship. Changes of circumstances can include being unable to return home because of conflicts or the fear of persecution.

How to apply

You should write to the Student Funding Manager using your student email address not your personal email address to and attach the following:

  • Evidence of a Home Office application/status.
  • Confirmation you are not receiving living cost support from a UK funding body or college

If the Student Funding Manager deems that you satisfy the eligibility criteria to be considered for this fund, they will provide you with details required to make an online application.

There is limited funding available, awards made will be non-monetary and will take the form of cash cards and/or direct payments to childcare providers.

Useful contacts:

Edinburgh Napier Student Association Advice Service:

Wellbeing and Inclusion 

Tuition Fees: