ENU Care Experienced Bursary

This Bursary is intended to help eligible students towards any study-related costs, including general living costs, travel costs, books and course materials or field trips as appropriate.

Value of bursary

Up to £1000. This is a one-off payment for the year of application/award. Students receiving this award can also choose to be assigned to a named adviser who can assist with funding applications and help you to manage your finances.

Am I eligibile?

To be eligible to apply for this bursary you must:

  • Be a currently registered UK student at Edinburgh Napier University
  • Be a British national and resident in the UK and have been looked after in the UK care system e.g. in foster care or cared for by social workers, designated teachers, education welfare officers, family placement managers or other equivalent situations
  • Be able to provide written evidence of having been in the UK care system (the Student Funding team can help you with this)

How do I apply?

Applications are accepted throughout the academic year between September and May and you can apply via Find-a-Fund here. Full details of the policy, eligibility criteria and other information are on Find-a-Fund.

Application status

Funds now OPEN