date and time icon 25 Sep 2023 12:00 PM  to  12 Oct 2023 1:00 PM

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My Development programme

My Development is about you. It's a personal and professional development programme that runs alongside your academic journey to help you develop essential skills so you can thrive both at Edinburgh Napier and beyond.

The programme is for students in all years and is designed to be flexible and wrap around your studies. It is delivered live online and focuses on three topics. There's also a range of resources to support each topic on the Career Hub. These enable you to get the most out of every session and tailor it so it's of maximum value to you.

The sessions for Trimester 1 are as follows:

Year of study  Session Date

 Year One

 Knowing Yourself and Others  25 September
 Year One  Work Planning and Time Management  2 October
 Year One  What skills are employers looking for?  9 October
 Year Two  Strategic Time Management  26 September
 Year Two  Navigating Change  3 October
 Year Two  Resources for researching jobs and careers  10 October
 Year Three  What's Your Why? And Motivation  27 September
 Year Three  The Resilient Mindset  4 October
 Year Three  Preparing for an interview  11 October
 Year Four  Performance v Talent  28 September
 Year Four  Procrastination and Focus  5 October
 Year Four  Creating a Graduate CV  12 October

All sessions run from 12pm-1pm online and you are welcome to attend as many as you choose.

For more information on each individual session and to book, visit My Future.