Wed, 23 Nov 2022

Guidance for sitting your exams

The Trimester 1 examinations diet runs from 5 – 16 December 2022.

The University is running a hybrid delivery model with some exams being delivered at Sighthill Campus and other exams being run online. It is important that if you are sitting exams online, you now check that you can access the Exam Server.

Online Exams

If you are sitting Trimester 1 exams, please log in to the Exam Server to check that you have access to the correct exams. You will have access to the Server from Monday 28 November 2022 onwards, but please note that this access is only to show the modules that you have an exam paper for.

Access to the contents of the exam paper will be restricted and you will only be able to access the full exam paper at the times and dates noted on the Exam Timetable on My Napier. Exam papers will only remain available until the published end/submission time for the exam.

View our online video guide to exams.

 Online Exams start at 11am. When you sit your exam, remember that the time allocated also includes time at the end for submitting your paper. Please make sure that you do not leave anything in draft format and that you submit your completed work within the allocated time.

If you have any queries, please first check the Exam webpages. If you cannot see an exam paper listed on the site for an exam that you are expecting to sit or have any difficulties in accessing the Exams Server, please email

On Campus Exams

On campus exams will be delivered in person at Sighthill Campus. Exams on campus will be written answers in an answer script book which will be provided to you. If you have a learning profile in place for the use of a PC, you will be given access to a university PC.

Please check the Exam Timetable for dates and times for these exams.

On campus exams will start at 9.30am. Please allow yourself adequate travel time to get to campus.

You will find a daily list of exams on campus indicating the room in which your exam will be taking place. If you have a learning profile and have additional exam arrangements in place, please report to the IPoint and you will be provided your exam room number.

Exam Timetable

You will now hopefully have looked at your Exam Timetable. If not, you can view your Exam Timetable on My Napier. Occasionally, assessments may need to be rescheduled, so please check regularly for any changes to your exams. Everything you need to know about sitting exams and how online exams work can be accessed on the Exam Guidance page.

Important information regarding Exams/Assessments

Please read and understand the information found in the Advice on Fit to Sit, Extenuating Circumstances and Academic Appeals. These policies, procedures and support are available for you, should ill health or personal issues mean you will be unable to submit assessments on time or sit exams.

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