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Missed an exam or assessment because of a serious issue?

If you have been affected by a serious issue preventing you from attending an exam or submitting an assessment, you may be able to apply for Exceptional Extenuating Circumstances.

Exceptional Extenuating Circumstances is only for students who did not attempt the assessment and could not apply for a deferral in time. It cannot be used for retrospective extensions or for assessments that were taken, regardless of circumstances.

If you are applying for Exceptional Extenuating Circumstances, your completed forms must be submitted no later than 17 May 2024. The impact of any ill health or personal concerns will not be considered if you do not notify us by this date.

Please do not wait until you have your assessment results in June to tell us about something that has impacted you, as it will be too late by then.

All applications must be supported by appropriate, time-relevant, third-party documentary evidence and late applications will not be considered.

It's important you follow the correct process and submit your application on time. If you do not notify us via the Exceptional Extenuating Circumstances process by the deadline date, then we will not consider your circumstances.

Visit our Extenuating Circumstances page for full details on how to apply.

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