Fri, 17 Sep 2021

Update on campus car parking - restrictions now in force

Please be aware that all our campus car parks have returned to being for permit holders only, and parking enforcement will be in place.

Over the past year, we were able to provide free parking to staff and students who needed to attend campus in order to provide more flexibility when it came to travel. This was made possible due to there being very low numbers of staff and students on campus due to home working and online teaching. However, with many staff returning to campus and the return of face-to-face teaching, we have now found ourselves in a position where we no longer have the capacity to extend our free parking offer.

At the moment, the number of permits currently issued exceeds our car park capacity. This means we cannot issue more permits without the risk of staff or students finding no spaces available despite having purchased a permit. We are committed to reviewing this capacity in October, and if we find that demand for spaces has fallen, we will offer more permits. While we understand that some students may need to travel by car, we do not have the capacity within our car parks to offer any new permits at this time.

As detailed in our start-of-term student newsletter, our free parking offer ended on Sunday 12 September. Details of car parking arrangements have also been updated on My Napier. With regard to any fines received for parking without a permit, these should be appealed via UKPC.

If more permits become available, we will announce this via the student newsletter and My Napier and details of how to apply will be made available. For any further questions, please email

If you park your vehicle on the streets surrounding our campuses, please be considerate to our neighbours.

  • Make sure you follow all Highway Code and local parking regulations
  • Do not park in spaces designated for local residents or shop customers
  • Do not park across driveways or on pavements, or otherwise obstruct access for residents and pedestrians

There are many environmentally-friendly ways to get to our three campuses and Student Accommodation. Please visit our Getting to Campus pages for all you need to know about getting to campus and what support we have available, including sustainable travel options and offers.