Fri, 10 Sep 2021

Vaccination buses and getting tested on campus - staying safe from Covid-19

A vaccination bus will be visiting our campuses next week - giving you the chance to get a Covid-19 vaccine. This is a quick and easy way for you to get your first or second vaccination. 

The vaccination bus is visiting our campuses – meaning you can get vaccinated between lectures and study sessions. You don’t need to book a slot – you can just turn up and be vaccinated. 

It will help protect your and those you care about from becoming seriously ill from and transmitting Covid-19. 

Find out when the buses will be on each campus in our How To Get Vaccinated My Napier page. 

It’s really important that you are vaccinated for Covid-19 as soon as possible. There is now clear evidence in Scotland that vaccines are breaking the link between Covid-19, serious illness, and hospitalisations. 

Get tested for Covid-19 Getting tested regularly is a really important part of staying safe and preventing the spread of Covid-19. There are test kits available at many locations across the city and they will also be available at our Student Accommodation receptions and on our campuses. 

ENSA (Edinburgh Napier Students' Association) will be handing out testing kits on campuses as part of their September roadshow and you can find out details of when and where they will be available on their Covid-19 Vaccination Bus / Lateral Flow Kits - Edinburgh Napier Students' Association web page

There will also be testing kits available on our campuses which you will be able to pick up from our iPoints, from October onwards. There are also many other places where you can be tested, free of charge. You can find full details of the process and of testing sites here. 

These test kits are for students who do not have any symptoms. If you are displaying symptoms, please self-isolate immediately and arrange to take a PCR test. 

Together we can keep our communities safe from Covid-19 by getting vaccinated and testing regularly throughout the academic year. 

Visit the NHS Inform website or My Napier if you are looking for further information about staying safe during the pandemic. 
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