Recording of Learning & Teaching Activities

Some students with a disability or specific learning need are entitled to record lectures as a ‘reasonable adjustment’ and if this is the case, you will have had a discussion with your adviser and have been given relevant information about this.

The Recording of Learning & Teaching Activities outlines the University’s position about allowing all students to either aurally or visually record their classroom learning and teaching activities, including taking photographs.

The policy assumes that all future learning and teaching activities may be recorded, unless any specific restrictions apply. Where students already have an agreed entitlement to record lectures as a ‘reasonable adjustment’ (approved by the Disability & Inclusion Team), there is no change to the existing process for informing lecturers about your intention to record. However, ‘visual’ recording of lectures is now possible as well as ‘audio’ recording.


On occasions, there may be issues or concerns relating to specific circumstances; academic staff may advise that either all, or part of a lecture, cannot be recorded. For example if ‘intellectual property rights’ apply, if any confidential issues are being discussed involving matters that are personal or sensitive or where another student objects to being recorded in any activities personally involving them.

If restrictions apply to recording particular lectures, the onus is on the lecturer concerned to provide materials in another format (i.e. audio transcript of lecture notes or detailed hand-outs) to ensure your agreed reasonable adjustments are taken into account.

For more information please refer to the Recording of Learning & Teaching Activities policy or contact