Faith, Spirituality and Chaplaincy

Make connections and feel supported – offering a welcome to people of all faiths and none.

For students and staff from all faiths and from none, the Chaplaincy service helps you to share time, ideas and friendship. We believe that spiritual wellbeing is important and the Honorary Chaplains and Belief Contacts that make up the team represent many of the main world religions and promote a multi-faith and belief approach. Chaplaincy aims to provide a focal point where we can celebrate and explore the wealth of nationalities, cultures and beliefs represented here at Edinburgh Napier and is a place where you’ll always find a friendly face and someone to listen.


What we do

Our team of Chaplains specialise in offering emotional, spiritual and practical support and guidance, regardless of whether you want to discuss an everyday issue or one of life’s bigger events. Chaplains provide an independent sounding board, an opportunity to ask questions of faith or a non-religious nature and can support you in times of crisis or when practical support can be of comfort – for example by visiting you or someone you know in hospital.

We understand that many staff and students will be affected by this in many ways – and our team of honorary Chaplains are very experienced in responding and offering support in difficult and stressful times.

We are a listening ear and we offer personal support for a wide range of the things that life can sometimes surprise us with. We can also be a link to other professional support services at the University and can help if you are having difficulty reaching out to them. We will sometimes reach out to colleagues if we feel that you could be better supported there. We are here for the whole University and continue to develop the range of activities designed to build and support our community and to help people to reflect on life events and spiritual matters.

The team is made up of a diverse group of Honorary Chaplains and Belief Contacts including representatives from the Church of Scotland and other local churches, the Edinburgh Roman Catholic Chaplaincy, University Jewish Chaplaincy, and contacts from Baha’i, Buddhist, Hindu, Humanist, Orthodox, Muslim, Pagan and Sikh communities. We also work in close partnership with Friends International – a Christian based charity that works to build community amongst international students from all faith backgrounds. We also work in close partnership with Friends International – a Christian based charity that works to build community amongst international students from all faith backgrounds.

We welcome everyone

We provide a non-judgemental and welcoming service to all and do not discriminate against anyone based on age, gender, disability, ethnicity, gender reassignment, religion, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic.

Get in Touch

You can contact the Chaplaincy by emailing The opening hours of the Chaplaincy are 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.


Quiet Rooms

The University has a range of facilities and support available to everyone. Quiet Rooms are located at each campus and can be used for prayer or somewhere to chill. Information is provided below if you need to talk to someone in person.


What are Quiet Rooms used for?

The University’s Quiet Rooms are ‘open access’ rooms that individuals can use for a variety of purposes. You may, for instance, use a Quiet Room as a place where you can go to ‘get away from it all’ i.e. when you simply want somewhere where you are unlikely to be disturbed. They can also be used for prayer or contemplation e.g. staff or students who wish to pray either individually or as a group.

Who can use the Quiet Rooms?

Any staff or students. It should be noted however that Quiet Rooms are not the exclusive preserve of any individual, group or community.

Where are the Quiet rooms located?


The room is located in 4/32 and a shower room is available along the corridor at Room 4/01. These facilities are located on the 4th floor and are accessible by stairs or lift (the lift is located by the War Poets’ Collection).


The rooms are H12 and H13. A shower room with ablution facilities for all to use is located between floor G and floor H (currently marked H1).


The Sighthill Quiet Roomis at 1.B.03, ablution facilities are available along the same corridor in both the female 1.B.07 and male toilets 1.B.08.

Can I book a Quiet Room?

No, these rooms are available to anyone to use without the need to inform anyone. If you need a room for your group to meet, you must go through Conference & Lettings. They can be contacted on or 0131 455 3722.

Can I display materials in a Quiet Room?

You may if you wish display material or leave reading material for others to look at. You should note however that any material left must comply with the University’s Equality and Diversity Statement. This means that you must at all times respect the right of others to use the Quiet Rooms and not display any material that runs counter to the spirit and the letter of the Statement.

Complaints or concerns

Quiet Rooms are regularly checked to make sure they are being used in line with these guidelines. If however you have a concern or want to complain about the operation of the Quiet Rooms, or you see material that you think contravenes the University’s inclusive approach, please contact

Urgent support

If you need to speak to someone urgently contact Counselling & Mental Wellbeing by emailing during office hours.