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​You will need to pay rent if you are living in our accommodation, here is all the information you should need.​

Advance Rent Payment

You pay a £500 advance rent payment on application and then 7 or 9 monthly instalments dependent on the length of your tenancy. The rent calculator​ details all rental figures and gives a breakdown of monthly instalments.
Remember the £500 advance rent payment is not a deposit so you won't get this back at the end of your tenancy.

Rent uplift dates

Rent is uplifted on the 10th of the month from October to April for standard tenancies and from October to July for extended tenancies. Make sure you have enough money in your account to cover your rent on these dates.
If you miss a payment and fall into arrears, we will contact you to discuss payment options and will also contact your guarantor asking them to make payment.

RCP details

You have set up a recurring card payment (RCP) to pay your rent.  You can't cancel this yourself so if you need to update your card details, you should contact the finance department to do this.

Payment in full discount

You can pay your rent in full at the start of your tenancy (and before the 9th October) to be eligible for a 3% discount.  You can chose this option even if you set up a RCP with your application.  Once this is paid, we will cancel your RCP agreement.

Arrears process

You should ensure that you have enough money to cover your rent but if you miss a payment, we will try and uplift the money again using your registered card details. If after a second attempt, the payment is declined, you will need to contact us to manually make a payment. You will receive an email from the Finance Department with details of payments required and your rent account would then be in arrears.
If you are in arrears, your Accommodation Officer will contact you to make an appointment to discuss payment options.  You will also receive notification from the finance department about your arrears. Any unpaid service charges will count towards your arrears so you may be contacted even if your rent instalment has been paid.
If your account remains in arrears for 3 weeks, we will contact your guarantor asking them to make payment on your behalf.
If you miss two consecutive months of rent payments and fail to make payment after our reminders are sent, we will issue you with a Notice To Quit (NTQ), asking you to vacate the property within 28 days.

Student Funding support

If you are having financial difficulties, you may be eligible for support. Have a look at the student funding pages for more information and how to apply for funding.

Guarantor details

When you applied for accommodation, you supplied us with a Guarantor Form​​. The person who has signed this is known as your guarantor. If you miss a rent payment or don't pay a service charge on time, we will contact your guarantor asking them to make payment. They will be informed of all arrears and held liable if you don't pay. | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App