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​An A-Z list of some words used in the Library, and what they mean.
An abstract is a summary of a journal article. 
A bibliography is a list giving details of all items consulted (but not cited in the text) in the course of producing a piece of work. It can also refer to a printed or online information resource.
Charges and fines
Library items are available to a large number of people. We ask you to pay a charge if you return a recalled item late or don't return it at all.
A database is a searchable collection of information resources (often indexes or full texts of journal articles) stored electronically. 
Document Supply
See Inter-Library Loans below. 

A DOI, or Digital Object Identifier, is a group of numbers and letters that can be used to identify a work on the internet. Unlike a web address, which can change over time, a DOI is stable and permanent. A DOI can be a standalone number or part of a URL like so; 10.1109/MPOT.2016.2514618,
An electronic book is a book that is available via the internet and can be read online. See an example (login may be required). 
An electronic journal is a journal that is available to be read online or downloaded via the internet. 
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Inter-Library Loans
The Inter-Library Loans service can provide access to books and articles which are not available within Edinburgh Napier Libraries or within Edinburgh. 
This is short for Information Services Advisor (or subject librarian). They can help with selecting and using print and online information resources.
A publication that is produced at intervals throughout the year, containing articles by different authors, usually on a specific subject. Also called a serial or periodical.

Use LibrarySearch to search for books, e-books, online journal articles and more. You can also use it to place requests, check if you have fines and check the due dates of items you have borrowed. Learn more about LibrarySearch on this page.

See Journal above.
If the book you need is already out on loan to another person, you can request the title so you can borrow it when it is returned. You need to sign in to LibrarySearch to do this. You can also request items held in other campuses. 
If an item is in the 'reference' section, it means it cannot be borrowed or taken out of the Library. 
Society of College, National & University Libraries.
The SCONUL Acccess scheme allows academic staff and students to use other university libraries in the UK.
You can use the self-service kiosks to borrow or return items yourself. 
See Journal above.
Shibboleth is a way of accessing web-based resources using a single login. Link: Access and passwords
Subject Guides
The Subject Guides are web pages that have been written by ISAs. These pages list useful online and print-based information resources for specific subject areas.
Link: Subject guides
SUNCAT and COPAC services have been retired. Use Library Hub Discover to search the catalogues of UK university, national and specialist libraries through a single interface.  
Link: Library Hub Discover​
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