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  Funding for Care Experienced Students

Edinburgh Napier University aims to promote a nurturing learning environment for care-experienced young people to reach their potential.

Care Experienced Students’ Bursary (CESB)

We are expecting to experience a busy period over the following weeks for our funds, due to this we are temporally closing the Care Experienced Bursary to allow us to concentrate on our other funds.  If you are in financial hardship which these funds would normally cover please apply to the discretionary fund  if you are studying nursing or midwifery please apply here. 

Our apologies for having to close these funds at this time but we do hope to have them open again soon.

Care experienced students are eligible to apply for a non-income assessed bursary of £8,100. This new bursary replaces the current income-assessed living cost loan and bursary (ISB/YSB) package.
You may be eligible to claim this bursary if:
  • You have been looked after by a UK local authority; and
  • You are under the age of 26 on the first day of the first academic year of your course (the relevant date). For most students who start in the autumn, the relevant date is 1 August.
Students in receipt of the bursary are not eligible to apply for the living cost loan but can apply for living cost grants.
This bursary is only available to students who satisfy criteria for a student loan from SAAS
You can find further information on this bursary on the SAAS website.

Extra Funding

The University also offer additional funding to eligible care experienced students.
For further details please visit the Money page

You should also consider your eligibility for other extra funding such as Discretionary Fund and Childcare Fund or Other Trusts and Bursaries​. | Edinburgh Napier Mobile App