International Student Payments

Information for payments from international students.

Information for International Students

  • Where annual fees are in excess of £6,500, the University requires a non-refundable fee deposit of £5,000 prior to registration. If you are an international student who requires a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK, your CAS number will not be released until your payment has been received by our Fees Team.
  • If a student declines an offer of a place on a course made to him/her after payment of the deposit, or a student enrols at Edinburgh Napier and then withdraws from study at any time before the completion of the course, the deposit will not be returned.
  • If a student pays a deposit and then chooses to enrol at another institution, university of college, the deposit will not be refunded.


  • You change your mind within 14 days of making your deposit payment or
  • Where a rejection for a UK student visa application is received, for this students must submit the following paperwork to the University’s finance Department:
  • The original unconditional offer letter from the University
  • The refusal letter from the Visa office/UKISA/Immigration office
  • Please note any refund issued will only be refunded to the source bank account in the country of origin.

Prompt Payment Discount

There is a discount of £500 for full payment made 30 days prior to the course start date for self -funded students with annual tuition fees in excess of £6,500 (with the exception of collaborative students).