What to expect when it’s time to move out

To help take you through the end-of-lease process, we've put together this helpful guide covering everything from notice periods and cleaning to references and private accommodation options.


Due to the ongoing housing and cost of living crisis, private accommodation is more difficult to find and may be more expensive than usual. Please take this into consideration when looking for accommodation within the private sector and start your search as soon as possible.


How will I receive notice of my tenancy ending?

Four weeks before your lease end date, you will receive a Notice to Quit (NTQ) letter from us detailing your lease end date and lease end procedures. This is a formal letter which we are required by law to send you.

When do I have to move out?

Your lease end date will be printed on your tenancy agreement. If you are not sure of your lease end date, check with the Accommodation Office. You must vacate your flat by 10am on the lease end date.

Am I responsible for cleaning my flat at the end of my tenancy?

You must leave the flat in a clean and tidy condition and in a good state of repair. Any cleaning required or repairs required will be charged to you. For communal areas, we will split any cleaning and damages equally among all residents so it's best to agree what everyone is doing and make sure you do your bit.

While we don't expect a professional clean from you, we do expect that the flat is fully cleaned to a high standard so make sure you clean everything and double check before you leave. Common places people forget are the inside of the microwave and oven and don't forget to defrost and clean the fridge/freezer.

You are responsible for cleaning your own bedroom and en-suite, and don't forget to clean under the bed and behind the desk!

If you are looking for help with cleaning, our cleaning partners, Perfect Clean UK, are now offering an end of tenancy cleaning service. 

Will I receive any charges at the end of my tenancy?

We will inspect the flat on the day of your departure and check for cleaning, repairs, missing items and take the electricity meter readings. We will invoice you within 5 weeks of departure for any damages, cleaning required, replacement of missing or broken inventory items and usage of electricity over your allowance.

You will receive a letter (sent to your home address) detailing the charges which will also explain how to appeal if you don't agree with the charges. Appeals must be made within 3 weeks of the date of the letter and must be made in writing.

All charges must be paid by the stated date. Unpaid charges may affect your registration or graduation and in certain cases may be passed to a debt recovery agency which will affect your credit rating.

For an idea of costs, please refer to our schedule of charges

Will I get my deposit back?

Please remember that Edinburgh Napier Student Accommodation does not hold a deposit for students living with us. The £500 advance rent payment that you pay when you apply for student accommodation is deducted from your total rental cost and therefore not returned at the end of your tenancy. Further information regarding this is available in your tenancy agreement, reservation email and your 'Notice to Quit' letter that you will receive 28 days in advance of the end of your lease.

Where should I leave my key fob?

Please leave your key fob in the drop box at reception.

What if I want to leave before my lease end date?

If your classes have finished and you leave the flat before your official lease end date, you will remain liable for all rents due and for any damages or cleaning required after your departure. If you are leaving early, make sure you speak to your flatmates to agree lease end arrangements as you may be charged for their mess or damages. We won't be able to waive any charges if you leave early and your flatmates don't clean the flat or cause damage to the property after you leave.

What if I leave Edinburgh Napier and need to move out?

If you have withdrawn from university and need to move out the flat before your lease end date, you will need to contact your Accommodation Officer to begin the termination process. We will need confirmation from your tutor that you have withdrawn from your studies, so ask them to email us direct at accommodation@napier.ac.uk

The above also applies if you have suspended your studies.

If you are continuing at University but want to move out of your flat, you will need to find a suitable replacement to take over your tenancy. The replacement must be an Edinburgh Napier student and meet the eligibility criteria for the flat. If we have a waiting list of students looking to move in, we may be able to assist but this is not guaranteed. We advise that you don't sign a new tenancy until you have confirmation that we can release you, otherwise you may end up paying rent on two properties.

There is a £50 early termination fee payable in all cases and a 28-day notice period.

Can you provide me with a reference?

If you are moving to the private sector, you may be asked to provide a landlord reference. You should ask us for a reference authority form, complete it and return it to the Accommodation Office by post, email or to your Accommodation Officer in person. We will check your rent payments are up to date and may do an inspection on your property. If there are any rent arrears or if you have not been keeping your flat at an acceptable standard, we may refuse to provide a reference.

We normally wait until after the last rent instalment has been made before providing a reference. If you require one sooner, please speak to your Accommodation Officer to see if a reference can be provided sooner.

How do I find accommodation in the private sector?

We run private accommodation workshops throughout the academic year, where you can receive guidance and learn how to research finding a flat in the private sector. We also host an annual Housing Fair, giving you the chance to meet private accommodation providers and landlords.

Our most recent event was on 26 February in Bainfield Common Room between 12-3pm. At these events you can speak with private sector experts, letting agents, ENSA and Shelter Scotland for hints and tips on renting in the private sector all while enjoying free Papa John's pizza.  

Important Reminder: 

Due to the ongoing housing and cost of living crisis, private accommodation is more difficult to find and may be more expensive than usual. Please take this into consideration when looking for accommodation within the private sector and start your search as soon as possible.

For more information, please visit the Private Accommodation pages of our main Student Accommodation website.