What’s it like living with us?

Living in student accommodation at Edinburgh Napier is a fantastic experience. You'll be right in the heart of the city and have the chance to take part in a range of fun social outings and activities.

On these pages you'll be able to find all the information you need to know when it comes to living with us, including paying rent and what to expect during your tenancy.

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Paying your rent

You have the option of paying your rent in full or on a monthly basis. Find out more about making a payment, when you pay, and other useful information.

More information on rent and finance

What to expect during your tenancy

Contents insurance

Your contents. Covered.

By partnering with Endsleigh, the No.1 student insurance provider, we've arranged contents insurance for all our students staying with us in our residence at no cost to you. It is important all students confirm their cover to ensure you understand what is and isn't covered.

You can do this by downloading the MyEndsleigh app and registering. Once you do this you will be entered into a prize draw to win £50 a week for a WHOLE YEAR! (Terms and conditions apply)

Visit MyEndsleigh to:

  • View what is and what is not covered
  • Get claims support
  • Personalise cover
  • Access rewards
  • Access wellbeing support

Additional cover for bikes

Great News! We have increased your insurance cover this year to include bike cover of up to £500 to include:

  • Protection for theft in designated storage areas at campus and accommodation
  • Bikes Less than 3 years old - We provide a new for old replacement
  • Cover for accessories damaged or stolen at the time of loss
  • 24 Hour Replacement Service - One working day from claim being finalised

Fines and charges

If you cause damage to the property, breach the conditions of your tenancy or require an early termination or transfer, you will be charged in line with our Schedule of Charges. You will receive a service charge and any unpaid fines/charges will show on your rent account as arrears and your guarantor may be informed.

Fire safety

Upon hearing the fire alarm, you MUST evacuate immediately and go to the assembly point as directed - even if you suspect that it is a false alarm. The evacuation procedure can be seen in full on the notices on the back of your bedroom door.

Please read your flat manual for full details on evacuations, fire doors, blankets, extinguishers, smoke detectors and sprinkler systems.

Flat inspections

We carry out regular inspections of the properties to ensure they are in good repair and are being kept in an acceptable condition by the tenants. You will be given at least 24 hours' notice by email to your university account of these inspections. If your flat is not of an acceptable standard, your Accommodation Officer will tell you what you need to do. 


Flatmate disputes

From time to time, you and your flatmates might not get along and arguments may happen. If this happens, try talking to your flatmates explaining the problem. Most people don't realise they are causing a problem and will be happy to resolve the issue.

If you are finding it difficult living in your flat, speak to your Accommodation Officer who may be able to help. They can offer a mediation service, speak to your flatmates on your behalf or look to transfer you to another flat. Don't suffer in silence if you are not happy - speak to a friend, Resident Assistant or your Accommodation Officer.

Funding and Finance

You can find out all you need to know about rent costs and information on our Rent page.

If you're living in Edinburgh Napier Student Accommodation and have found yourself in financial difficulty, you can apply for a one-off payment of up to £500 depending on your circumstances via the Student Accommodation Hardship Fund. Details of this are also available on our Rent page.

Our student funding team also provides information, guidance and support on a wide range of issues. Find out more on the Money pages of My Napier.

Heating times

Heating times during the colder months are generally:

Monday to Friday

7am-10am and 4pm-10pm

Saturday and Sunday

8am-10am and 12noon-10pm

Please be aware that these timings may change throughout the year.


All sites have central laundry rooms, which incur an additional charge for usage. Costs are approximately £3.50 per wash and £2.00 per dry, but prices are subject to change.

Our laundry contractor is Circuit Laundry. On their website, you can top up your credit and also view which washers and dryers are in use and which are free.

Lost keys and lock-outs

If you lose your key fob between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, drop into reception during opening hours to arrange a replacement key fob.

If you lose your key fob after 5pm during the week or any time at the weekend, please contact your Resident Assistant, whose contact details can be found on the notice board of your flat. Alternatively, contact security on 0131 455 6119 who will provide access. Please note you may need to wait a short while if security are not on site. Security will be able to issue you with a temporary fob, but you must visit reception the next working day during opening hours to arrange collection of a replacement key fob.

Please note there is a £10 charge for replacement key fobs. We will deactivate your lost fob so if you find it again, it won't open any doors.

If you lock yourself out of the flat and your key fob is inside, try to get a flatmate to let you back in the flat. During office hours you can contact the Accommodation Office to give you access, and outside office hours you can contact your Resident Assistant or security. There may be a charge for excessive call-outs.



Mail will be delivered to a central post box located at the Reception/Management Suite. You can access these 24/7. Your room key fob will open the mail box. Parcels that are too big for the mail box, or items requiring a signature, will attempt to be delivered to your flat. If you are out, a card will be left by the postal service in your mail box to let you know of the delivery and where you can collect your parcel.

We also have Amazon lockers available at Bainfield courtyard should you choose to have your Amazon parcels delivered to the locker. This is a convenient delivery method if you will not be in your flat.

Orwell Terrace and Slateford Road

Mail will be delivered direct to your flat. Parcels that are too big for the letter box, or items requiring a signature, will be taken to the local sorting office if you are out, a card will be left by the postal service in your letter box to let you know of the delivery and where you can collect your parcel. For access, couriers/delivery drivers are required to buzz the flat intercom.

Please note: We will not take delivery of parcels/signed for items at reception; it is your responsibility to arrange delivery of these items at a time when you will be in the flat to accept them.

Reception hours


Monday to Friday: 9am-5pm and 8pm-9pm

Saturday and Sunday: 8pm-9pm

Orwell Terrace

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 2pm-5pm and 8pm-9pm

Tuesday, Thursday: 9am-12pm and 8pm-9pm

Saturday and Sunday: 8pm-9pm

Slateford Road

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9am-12pm and 8pm-9pm

Tuesday, Thursday: 2pm-5pm and 8pm-9pm

Saturday and Sunday: 8pm-9pm

Recycling and Waste

Bin stores

Please do not leave bin bags or waste lying on the floor of the bin store. This is a big health and safety risk, not only for your fellow students but for the front-line Edinburgh Council staff who come to take your rubbish away.

You should always put your rubbish away in the appropriate bin, not leave it by the side or on top. Please check all the bins to see if there is space – just because the first one you check is full, doesn't mean the others are too!

Watch out for cross-contamination

Make sure you don't contaminate the mixed recyclables with waste that should go in the non-recyclable bin. Please make sure to do your part to help us reduce our environmental impact by ensuring you're recycling correctly.

Mixed recyclables should only include CLEAN:

  • Cardboard
  • Metal
  • Paper
  • Plastics

It should not include any dirty or contaminated cups, food containers or liquids. Please make sure that anything you put in the mixed recycling has been fully cleaned. Greasy takeaway pizza boxes should be put in the non-recyclable bins.

When putting mixed recycling into the bins in the bin store, please remember to take them out of any plastic bags they have been collected in and put the empty plastic bag in the non-recycling bin.

Items that should go in your non-recycling bin include:

  • Carrier bags
  • Cling film
  • Crisp bags
  • Disposable cups
  • Contaminated food packaging such as pizza boxes
  • Polystyrene

But no liquid!

If you have any questions or would like any advice on recycling, our Environmental Sustainability team are here to help! Please email environment@napier.ac.uk or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Repairs and maintenance

If anything breaks or gets damaged throughout your tenancy, you must report it to the Facilities Service Desk. You can email them at FacilitiesServiceDesk@napier.ac.uk or phone 0131 455 5000. Please give them as much detail as possible on the fault and if a repair isn't carried out within a week, contact them again for an update.

Make sure you tell your flatmates when a fault has been reported so it isn't reported twice and everyone knows to expect a contractor to visit and repair.

In order to ensure your flat is safe for you to stay in, there is a scheduled programme of maintenance that will take place which will involve identified workers entering your flat throughout your stay.

On occasions, the building surveyor will require access to your flat/bedroom pre-inspections, post-inspections and when repair requests have been reported to carry out quality checks. They will have a master fob for access so you do not have to be present during these. Prior to accessing the flat/bedroom, all staff members will knock the main door and bedroom door twice with the staff member announcing themselves.


We have a 24-hour security service. They can be contacted by phone on 0131 455 6119. CCTV is installed at all sites and security patrols are carried out regularly 24 hours a day. Security will often be found at the accommodation sites during the evenings and weekends.


All accommodation is non-smoking in the flats and stairwells - this includes e-cigarettes and vapes. If you are caught smoking in your flat, even out the window, you will be issued with a fine and will face disciplinary action.

Terms of your tenancy

Our code of conduct sets out our expectations of you as a tenant and details the consequences of breaching these terms. This code forms part of your tenancy agreement.

You can read a Specimen Tenancy which is an exact copy of the tenancy you will sign. It details your rent commitments, tenancy dates and your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. You should read this before you sign it.

Transfers and early termination


We don't offer transfers during the first four weeks of the tenancy. After this, you can be transferred to another room if a suitable vacancy exists. You will need to pay a £30 room transfer fee and complete some paperwork. Speak to your Accommodation Officer if you wish to move to another room - their contact details are on the notice board in your kitchen.

Early Terminations

If you want to move out altogether, this may be possible under the following circumstances:

  • Withdrawal from your studies i.e. you are no longer a student at the University
  • You find a suitable replacement tenant approved by your Accommodation Officer. We cannot transfer your tenancy to another student within the last four weeks of your tenancy as this does not give us time to give the new tenant a 28-day notice to quit period; this is a legal requirement.

In all the cases above, a £50 early termination fee is payable plus a 28-day notice period where you will remain financial liable. Contact your Accommodation Officer to discuss your options.

TV licencing

All our flats are equipped with 40" wall-mounted smart TVs in the communal areas, however we do not provide a TV licence for these. If students wish to watch live broadcast television, or use BBC iPlayer, they must arrange for a TV licence.

If you wish to bring a TV for your own individual bedroom, you will need a separate licence to cover this.

Details on how to purchase a TV licence can be found on tvlicencing.co.uk


We provide free Wi-Fi throughout all our accommodation sites. Our Wi-Fi provider is Wifinity.