Guidelines for Referencing Practice and the Use of TurnitinĀ®UK

Each School has guidelines for referencing practice and the use of Turnitin®UK and all students MUST use these.  
Find and use the guidance for your School - Referencing Guidelines.
Note: if you are taking a module from another School, then you need to use that School’s guidelines for your assessment work for that module. If in doubt about which guidelines to use please ask your module leader. Information on referencing standards to be used will also be available from the assessment brief and Moodle.

Other links

  • Referencing in APA 7th Style - An in depth LibGuide introducing to how to reference using APA 7th style. Check the referencing guidelines above to see which referencing style your school uses. 
  • Reference Management - Help with using software like Endnote and Mendeley to keep track of your references.